ROBERT PRUCHA, Ph.D., Water Resources Engineer/Hydrogeologist

robert-pruchaWith nearly 30 years of experience as a Water Resources Engineer/Hydrogeologist, Dr. Robert Prucha has focused on the characterization, conceptualization and numerical analysis of fluid flow and heat/contaminant transport within surface, subsurface and coupled, or ‘integrated’ hydrologic/hydraulic systems.  In his master’s degree research, Dr. Prucha studied heat and mass flow within geothermal systems, and in his PhD work, he used a fully-integrated, physically-based code to develop a conceptual and numerical framework for studying long-term, event-driven, coupled surface-subsurface flow and recharge dynamics within large arid/semi-arid basin hydrologic systems.

As a water resources engineer and hydrogeologist, Dr. Prucha has worked on a wide range of water resources and environmental projects throughout the US and internationally.  He specializes in using advanced software to develop models to evaluate impacts of historical and/or future changes in water use, land-use, climate or industrial development on coupled surface water-groundwater hydrologic systems, water quality, and river/reservoir hydraulics, typically to support management/optimization, or environmental assessments.  He has developed numerous types of models to simulate surface water hydrologic/hydraulic flows/water quality transport large basins with complex reservoirs, structures and operations, groundwater flow and fate/transport, fully-coupled surface water-groundwater flow/transport, multiphase (air/water/chemical) and geothermal heat flow.  He has modeled flow and transport in highly localized areas to large basin systems, in a variety of environments, ranging from natural undeveloped systems to fully developed industrialized and urban environments, and in humid, arid and snow dominated systems.

Project clients include large water districts, large-scale agriculture, tribal groups, NGOs, attorneys, mining, oil refining/distribution, municipal landfills, and nuclear, chemical and manufacturing facilities.  His earlier career focused on developing complex groundwater models for several large EPA Superfund sites throughout California and other states. After completing his dissertation, focus turned to developing fully integrated  hydrologic/hydraulic models (using DHI’s MIKESHE/MIKE11 code).  He helped develop and coordinate the only detailed MIKESHE/MIKE11 code verification study to date and much of Dr. Prucha’s work has been extensively peer-reviewed.  He has also participated in, or directed several peer reviews of large modeling projects.  He has also provided expert witness/litigation support on several projects.