Air Quality
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by A.J. Edgar

EN3 Professionals offers comprehensive services and expertise in air quality-related science and engineering. The firm’s client base includes: attorneys, NGOs, governmental agencies, Tribes, manufacturing and energy industries, school systems and universities, and insurance companies. Services include: air pollution permitting and control engineering; air quality modeling; air monitoring system design and program development and data evaluation; expert witnessing; air quality management and air pollution control engineering (environmental exposure studies and risk management; permitting and compliance strategies). The firm offers advanced environmental research and synthesis, along with oil and gas production / transmission-related air quality expertise. Software used includes AERMOD, HYSPLIT, ESRI & QGIS. Bill Auberle provides ongoing service to the National Tribal Air Association and is a board-certified expert in air pollution control, accepted in both federal and state courts, including serving as a special master.



EN3 Professionals provides a wide range of expertise and services to diverse clients in energy industries and related entities.  Past and current clients include investor-owned and public utilities, renewable energy developers, land managers, and permitting authorities. Our skills include facility energy use evaluations and recommendations, energy efficiency analysis, energy planning and development; permitting with applicable local, state and federal agencies; environmental and cultural impact studies; design-related services; and, transmission planning and integration. Our engineers, scientists and regulatory policy specialists offer a comprehensive and experienced team in this exciting and rapidly-changing industry.

Water Resources & Supply


EN3 Professionals has broad expertise in watershed science and hydrology, in addition to hydraulic and flood studies, applied to projects ranging from large watersheds to individual reaches of small but important perennial and ephemeral streams, considering flows that vary from base flow to probable maximum flow (PMF).  We utilize stand-alone in addition to CAD/GIS-based modeling, both lumped-parameter and distributed, that is grounded in measurement and observation.  Software used includes DHI MIKE SHE/11, Autodesk Civil 3D and ESRI ArcGIS, in addition to Bentley Watergems and Sewercad.  Additionally, we offer experience in water supply and water infrastructure, including: production wells, treatment, transmission, storage, controls and distribution.

Policy and Regulations


EN3 Professionals has extensive experience and skills in environmental and energy management. Key services include environmental planning and permitting, e.g., NEPA, SDWA, CAA, CWA, RCRA, CERCLA, SMCRA, CEQA. Our Principals, staff and Associates have served on numerous policy development boards and commissions including USEPA’s Clean Air Act Advisory Committee and Clean Coal Development Task Force, ITEP Advisory Board, ECO Canada/BEAHR Advisory Board, and as technical and policy advisors to municipal, county and state governmental agencies and staff. This includes our Principals’ current service on the National Tribal Air Association Policy Advisory Committee and the National Tribal Water Council’s Technical Advisory Committee. Our decades of experience support the needs of industrial clients, land managers, regulatory agencies, NGOs, community organizations, and government.


San Francisco Peaks

EN3 Professionals has engineering, science and policy expertise to support a wide-range of clients’ environmental needs. Among our specialty fields are water resources and water quality engineering, air quality management and air pollution control, site assessment and remediation, environmental risk exposure and risk management, and environmental permitting and strategies. Bill Auberle has been accepted as an expert in air pollution control in both federal and state courts, including serving as a special master. Clients include manufacturing and energy industries, NGOs, governmental agencies, school systems and universities, insurance companies and legal counsel.